All of my life I have been involved in charity projects. From pitching and delivering on a concept to a Dublin radio station and a high street store to have two radio presenters live in the shop window for a week raising 40,000+ to working for Movmeber and putting Men's Health on people's radar.

More recently, Mike Savas and I flew out to Nepal two days after the 2015 earthquake to help with the search and rescue efforts following the devastating quake. We raised $55,000USD in 12 days, enabling us to donate 30 generators, 10,000 meal packs and 500 tarp tents. We drove around Nepal in the back of a truck hand dropping these supplies to the people that needed it most.

In 2016, Mike and I set up Adventures for Change, a non-profit charity made up of people that have a deep desire to travel the world and at the same time help those that can't help themselves. We plan to work on many different projects across the globe and change the world one person at a time.

Our first Adventurers for Change project was - Operation Nepal - Making good on our promise to come back to Nepal and help those that still needed it after the government neglected them. Our goal was to unite individuals and organizations from the international community who shared a passion for helping those affected by the devastating earthquake. We assembled a team of 14 heros from 7 different nationalities and brought some world leading companies on board to support the project. Over the course of the two week project we raised $45,000USD so that we could deliver vital solar light to communities that simply couldn't function after the sun went down. The solar units handed out to village homes and the grid systems installed in schools will change people's lives and leave a legacy that the international community hasn't forgotten about them. We are very proud to have hit our goal and affected the lives of 10,000 Nepalese people with solar light. During the journey we had a video production team filming our every move and with this will produce the Operation Nepal documentary.